Kanal Istanbul Real Estate Investment Industry and Trade Inc.

Perception on the sector that is based on transparency and honesty are basic principles of Kanal İstanbul that keeps amazing the investors since 2002 in the continuous progress.

With wide spectrum of operational capacity, on the national and international market, the gained respect with 20 years of experience, quality services are at disposal.

Using the wideness of the vision the partnerships are made with valuable countries such as, England, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bangladesh. In many other countries, representative offices are operational.

Real Estate Investment Fund has its only principle: making profit; Kanal İstanbul is promoting this value to you at its primary principle.

At this point, Kanal İstanbul targets the investment intention as proper and manages the investment to a safe profit.

Our real estate experience that we promote is based on hundred-year family tradition.

Our past experience and incentive of modern and emerging technology progress of our company is at your disposal.

Kanal İstanbul, anywhere in the world it guarantees the winning side to you!